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$1 / SQFT

Exclusive Services

Paver / Natural Stone Sealing 

Top Dog Pressure Cleaning & Sealing Service offers complimentary estimates for Natural Stone & Paver Sealing.  Please read details listed to find out more about the process we use to seal pavers. Each of our clients are emailed a custom Pressure Cleaning & Sealing Proposal & Service Agreement that caters to each individual client's job. 

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Call / Text 954-858-6033 for a FREE ESTIMATE

On Scheduled Day - Before Arrival 

Clients are to provide a place in front of their home for Top Dog's truck and trailer.  For driveways, clients are to remove any vehicles from driveway and/or garage that will be needed in the next couple of days.  Back patios / pool decks will need to be cleared of any furniture and decorations prior to arrival.  Please request beforehand for furniture / items from pavers to be moved by us at Top Dog.


Pressure Cleaning

Top Dog pressure cleans and thoroughly preps pavers and/ or natural stone for sealing.  Top Dog remove all weeds, stains, dirt using 220 Degree hot water to essentially steam clean our client's pavers.  Some clients have well water rust stains which we will remove using a professional grade rust stain remover chemical.   All concrete sidewalks are included in our driveway sealing jobs.  


Paver Joint Sanding 

This is an optional service that will be recommended to clients on a need basis.  Once pressure cleaning is completed, we will either wet sand pavers on the same day, or come back a second day to dry sand.  Dry sanding is necessary for clients that their driveway swales hold standing water or their back patios puddle after cleaning.  


Natural Stone & Paver Sealing 

Once joint sanding is complete, Top Dog will begin sealing.  The sealer we use depends on the type of surface our clients have.  Top Dog only uses professional-grade sealers from our local suppliers.  We use a Graco paint sprayer to create an even coat of sealer and prevent roller marks.  We also can provide clients with a non-skid additive upon request.  Many pool patios receive non-skid additive to the sealer to prevent slip and fall accidents. 

Let's Work Together

Please call / text us at 954-858-6033 with any questions or inquiries on our services.  Thank you. 

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